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Kobo Clara HD may be the Kindle Paperwhite rival you’ve been looking for

A new ereader from Kobo looks set to take on the behemoth of the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite as your reading device of choice when you’re off on holiday this summer.

The new Kobo Clara HD comes with a very similar specs list to the Kindle Paperwhite at a similar price tag of £109.99 / $129.99, compared to Amazon’s ereader which costs £109.99 / $119.99.

Kobo’s latest ereader comes with a 6-inch Carta E Ink touchscreen display that has a resolution of 300 pixels per inch for a crisp reading experience if you’re reading the written word or looking over some graphic novels.

Fight the Paperwhite

This will work in direct sunlight or in the dark as it comes with Kobo’s own ComfortLight PRO technology to adjust the lighting and temperature of the screen, so it will look great in all conditions.

The Clara HD – which only comes in black – also has a surprisingly bold look for an ereader, with an eye-catching pattern on the rear. That pattern is about more than just looks though, as it makes the device easy to grip.

There’s 8GB of storage (that’s double what's on the Kindle Paperwhite and the same amount as on the basic Kindle Oasis), plus you’ve got access to over 5 million books on the Kobo store. That’s not as extensive as Amazon’s selection, but it includes a lot of the big hitters you’ll want to read on the beach this summer.

We don’t know exact specs for the battery yet, but we have completed a full review of the Kobo Clara HD so you can work out if this is the ereader for you this summer.

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