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OnePlus 6 256GB variant is out of stock in the US and UK

The OnePlus 6 comes in three storage variants, but the largest option is currently out of stock via the firm's website in the US, Canada, India and UK.

This is the first time OnePlus has put 256GB of storage into a handset, and the additional space is clearly proving popular among those faithful to the brand.

Part of the reason the largest storage configuration may be so popular is the fact that OnePlus does not offer expandable storage on its phones, meaning you can't use a microSD card to increase the amount of storage inside the handset.

When will it be back?

In the UK, the OnePlus 6 is also available at O2, but the network does not offer the 256GB version of the handset – so is the only place you can purchase it.

We have contacted OnePlus to find out when it expects the 256GB variant to come back into stock and while there's no exact date, we reckon it won't be too long.

For now, if you're desperate to get your hands on the new OnePlus 6 you'll have to choose between the 64GB and 128GB variants of the handset.

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