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FLASH SALE: OnePlus 6T for $299 and the Xiaomi Mi 8 for $199

There’s no denying that there are plenty of amazing Black Friday weekend deals floating around this year, but the best overall deals that we’d been about to spot are a $250 discount on the OnePlus 6T and a $300 discount on the Xiaomi Mi 8. Both of these devices typically sell for pretty cheap when compared to flagship devices from Samsung, LG, Huawei and most other big brands, which means that the final price for the OnePlus 6T is $299.99 and the Xiaomi Mi 8 is going for a mere $199.99.

While we’d like to say that anyone will be able to pick up these phones at these incredibly low prices, there’s a catch. GearBest is only selling 10 of each device at their highly discounted prices. If you want to be among the lucky few to pick up these amazing steals, you’ll need to be ready to add the devices to your cart and check out as quickly as possible at 10:00 UTC (5AM Eastern, 2AM Pacific).

If you don’t manage to snag the OnePlus 6T or Xiaomi Mi 8 during the flash sale, GearBest has quite a few other amazing discounts that you might want to consider:


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