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Google’s December security patch includes much-needed memory fix

Every first Monday of the month, we’re used to seeing Google launch security patches for its supported devices. This month is no different, as Google has released the December 2018 security patch.

The patch not only fixes a bunch of security bugs, but also features the long awaited memory performance fixes. Android Pie has long been killing apps in the background (even if you were using them a second ago) and it’s even affected devices other than Pixel/Nexus devices and we hope this fix will help. There are also some camera fixes for Pixel users included as well.

Surprisingly, we’re seeing the updates hit the Nexus 5X and 6P, both of which have reached their end of life. It’s good to see Google support these old devices even when their three years are up and the company has no obligation to update them.

Essential is once again releasing its security update on the same day as Google, having not missed a single security update in recent memory. Hopefully this also includes the memory fixes, as the device was affected by poor RAM management issues once it was updated to Android Pie.

If you want to download the Pixel factory images or OTA files, hit the links. Otherwise, you may need to wait for the update to hit your phone!

Via: Android Authority

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