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Official Samsung Galaxy S10 render may have accidentally been shown by Samsung

We now know that Samsung plans to announce the Samsung Galaxy S10 on February 20, but the company might have jumped the gun and accidentally shown pictures of the phone in an article.

Samsung Newsroom published a piece detailing the company’s One UI, and in it there was a picture of a phone with a pinhole selfie camera, a curved screen and tiny bezels.

That’s very much along the lines of what we’re expecting from the Galaxy S10, and while it could just be a generic image, the company later changed the picture to a more generic one, suggesting that this was posted by mistake.

It's always on the internet

Of course, this is the internet, so someone – in this case Reddit user qgtx – saved the original image before Samsung could change it.

You can see both versions above. Note that the new picture shows larger bezels, no pinhole camera and generally fewer defining features.

We can’t say with any certainty that the original picture really did show the Samsung Galaxy S10, but given how close the design is to the rumors we’ve heard it's likely a close approximation at the very least.

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