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LG G8 ThinQ leak reveals every last detail of the phone’s design

The smartphone market is a very competitive one, especially with the entrance of Chinese manufacturers who have taken bold steps with their design and pricing. This means that the old guard such as LG needs to do a lot better to impress, but unfortunately, that doesn’t really feel like the case.

A recent post by renowned leakster Evan Blass has revealed a fresh render of the upcoming LG G8 ThinQ. Note that this is not the first time a render of the phone has leaked and the latest leak doesn’t reveal anything new (apart from a new color option), but at the very least the rumors and leaks do seem to be consistent with each other.

Like we had previously said, LG has opted to go with a somewhat “boring” design for the phone. While companies such as Samsung and Oppo are finding ways to deal with the notch, LG seems to be content with keeping with it. They also appear to be maintaining a physical rear-mounted fingerprint sensor, versus the competition who are exploring in-display sensors.

The phone also looks to be packing a dual camera setup on the back, which in this day and age seems a bit “tame” when you consider other phones are packing triple cameras, with some such as Nokia even daring to go with a penta-lens array. That being said, while externally the LG G8 ThinQ might not be the most impressive we’ve seen (based on the leaks), it is still a flagship phone which means that it shouldn’t suffer in terms of performance.

Whether or not this will be enough to convince customers to hop on board remains to be seen, especially based on the rumored pricing of the phone, but check back with us during MWC 2019 for the official details.

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